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CV. Anindya Cipta Mandiri, Specialist Development Services and Professional Miniature Design Mockups - Indonesia.

Anindya Cipta Mandiri was established since 2001, when diruntut now, in 2016 then we have been passing these models in the field of approximately 15 years old. I myself, SAPTO SARDIYANTO, as the owner of Anindya Cipta Mandiri, with the ranks of our best creative team, trying with all his might and all our ability to raise Anindya Cipta Mandiri. Settling improvements and fixes here and there, both in terms of quality, speed and neatness of work, professionalism and not terkesampingkan is a high artistic value and a touch of creative hands of our best, is a concrete manifestation Anindya Cipta Mandiri in meeting the needs of our customers and clients , the final destination is on building business partnerships and mutually beneficial cooperation on the foundation of satisfaction.

Anindya Cipta Mandiri, in terms of services and our main layananan is produced (on the basis of orders) from clients / customers a wide range of mockups or miniature construction and building, such as: offices and companies in detail, either building or landscape, complete with customized support with the theme of the project. Work on the interior and exterior design follows the physical work such as: housing maket, Maket apartments, maket Port / Airport, maket Parks / Horticulture, Industrial Area maket, Maket Factory, Maket Hotel, maket installation / construction, maket Roads / Bridges, maket Mine / Refinery Oil and Gas, Maket Park, maket Office / commercial, Tourism Regions maket, Maket Resost / Villa, Maket Places of Worship, maket Offshore Platform, Traditional Houses maket, Maket Simulation, Biorama maket, Maket Siteplant, Landscape Urban Planning and the various categories Other mockups title.

Anindya Cipta Mandiri, with the ranks of our best creative team, ready to serve you with the products and our best service, miniature and mockups qualified professional and artistic.


Sapto Sardiyanto

Jabatan : OWNER ACM
Phone : 081 700 727 66
 email :
anindya_architect @ yahoo.com

Anindya Cipta Mandiri, support-ed by professionals in the field of design mockups and miniature, with a myriad of pe-ngalaman since 2001, has a high commitment in the creative and the principle of customer satisfaction, as well as pe-ngalaman supported in dealing with pro-project-project mockups of the institutions large, as ter-graft in our client list, ready to enliven the national mockups industry and interna-tional particularly large.

Kecepatan, kerapian, nilai dan estetika desain yang tinggi dan bernilai seni, detail rinci dan yang terpenting kepuasan pelanggan / klien adalah prioritas utama kinerja kami ...